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I’m frustrated

All space used. How can it be correct?

I have an user account with 117GB. The status bar on my Home page tell me all is used. I have 4 PC's/phones connected and backed up to my Jotta-account. My Jotta home page tells me they use 33GB all together. The Jottacloud folder also contains a few GB. The deleted file-folder is not large either. I've deleted som folders and large files there with only minor changes in free space.
Why is my account full?
Does it have something to do with backup of the 5 latest version? How can I find what folder/files takes up most space? Can I delete older versions of a file,but not the latest/current version?
Or does Jottacloud just present me a wrong number of used space?
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  • Hi

    The answer is 'it depends'. Let me first give a general answer to explain the most common questions/problems.

    The most common question is why there's a difference between the storage used for one computer in Jottacloud and the actual disk usage on the device. The answer to this is:

    - We store up to 5 revisions. Normally, this is only 5-10% extra space for most users.
    - We keep deleted file for at least 30 days, which can be quite a lot for users who have moved files and folders around on their local computer. You can see which files are in the trash and empty the trash can from our website online.
    - In some cases, when e.g. switching computer, there might be "dead" backup folders in Jottacloud. These can be deleted by contacting support (and soon be deleted online).

    In your case, I'm understanding that the total usage for the 4 devices matches your local computers, but you're wondering where the remaining 80-ish GB is gone. The answer to this is normally that:

    - The files in the Jottacloud Sync folder. This are synchronised between all computers and hence not counted towards the usage for any particular computer.
    - There are files stored in the Archive, which is only available online. These can also be deleted online if desired.

    In your particular case, I see you've stored 85 GB in the Jottacloud Sync folder, which brings your total up to 117 GB.

    That said, I agree this is confusing, and we're working on better solutions to make it easier for the users to gain control and overview over the usage.

    If anyone have problems related to usage that cannot be explained by the above factors, please contact our support ( with you username and we'll have a closer look.

    Best Regards,
    Jottacloud Support
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