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Error up - upload failed unknown error - 299

I have just signed up and now in the progress of uploading data (approx. 350GB) from my Windows 7 PC.

JottaCloud Applikation version is

I noticed I am getting a lot following errors:
Uploader ... 75701 nye filer tilbage
(775,08 MB i 277 filer kunne ikke backes op, grundet fejl)

Clicking right mouse buttom on above and select show error/fejl, I see lines similar to this one:
Other Error :: C:/Data/Digital/Digital_billeder/2008/Diverse taget med k850i/DSC00030.JPG

Looking in the log file i see following lines for each of the above errors::
2015-01-30 00:14:25.371 [] ERROR Up - Upload failed Unknown Error - 299 - [MY_FILE_PATH]:: Error downloading[MY_FIL...:: - server replied: Server Error -

500 Unable to create parent directory for file: /var/lib/jotta/jas/dfs/dfs-036/373/[MY_ACCOUNT]/604
Internal Server Error

To me it seems that the JotteCloud back-end has a problem.
Any resolution for this? - besides trying again which does seem to help but I still do get a lot of erros again for new files uploading.

Philip - Denmark
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  • Hi Phillip,

    When uploading many files it is quite common that some of them, for various reasons , reports a fault . Jottacloud trying to upload files several times, so this solves usually by itself eventually .

    Beware especially when images are uploaded. Many users adds only the "Library " in the Backup , which does not contain the actual files , but pointers / references to the folders image files are located in . Jottacloud do not back pointers / links / references etc.

    You can also right-click on the folder are reporting errors , and select " Show error ... " from the menu that pops up . Here you get more information about the error (s) and try again.

    You can also contact us at remember to add your logfile
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