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Failed to copy: HTTP error 500

I'm copying with rclone over to JottaCloud one of my external drives.
It does the job correctly, but at a certain point it hangs with the following error:

Failed to copy: HTTP error 500 (500 Server Error) returned body: "{"code":500,"message":"Unable to open target=/var/lib/jotta/jas/dfs/dfs-042/807/4156919948/866/9598d0bda3aeb2367e61fb48416082fe for writing.","cause":"","error_id":"InternalServerError","x-id":"952552106675"}"

If I Ctrl-C and start again, rclone starts working again properly and it hangs again with a different file.
If I try to copy the single file, it will be copied just fine.
It hangs randomly to some files making impossible to copy because it hangs after few minutes.
I'm currently using rclone v. 1.49.1 on a MacOS X El Capitan.
The command I'm using is:
rclone copy /Volumes/xxx/ jotta:yyy --progress --copy-links
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time!

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