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Jotta will slow us down exceeding 5TB!

From latest Jottacloud terms and conditions May/June 2019:

15. Fair and acceptable use:
The subscription Jottacloud Personal, with unlimited storage space, was created to provide customer predictability. Unlimited refers to available storage space. If the storage space exceeds 5 TB on a Personal subscription, the upload speed will be reduced.

Seriously?? When I joined I agreed with "unlimited storage, unthrottled speed", but now Jotta is changing the rules on the run.
I also contacted Roland, Jotta's CEO and he confirmed this non-sense.
But the crazy thing has yet to come: I asked him "what if I'm a videographer and I need to use lot of storage for obvious reason?". His reply was "videographers cannot use jotta personal plan". Where is this written?? It is not in the terms and conditions! Just something they made up on the spot.

I really do not like recent Jotta's policy to make rules on the run, as they like, day by day.
We paid for unlimited storage and unlimited speed. Stick to it Jotta, give us what you offered to us and we paid for, or we will leave!
Who else agrees with me?
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  • I agree with you! I wanted to use Jotta to store digital copies of my personal record collection. I have been collecting records for over 30 years and needless to say my collection is huge. Jotta seemed to be a great solution for me, but now I am not so sure...also my account has been flagged as a business account for some weird reason...guess they are starting ro reallize that their "unlimited" offers are too costly for them...
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  • I’m angry
    Hi. What do you mean when you write "my account "has been flagged as a business account"? What did they do exactly?

    I think so too. They probably wanted to get as many customers as possible with unlimited this and that, but now they can't cope with it.
    The CEO also wrote to me that the reduced upload speed is a measure they take to stop people from uploading all their pirated stuff downloaded from the internet, and when I replied "keep an eye on them then instead of punishing us all", he didn't get back to me anymore, which confirms your theory.
    In any case, Norway is supposed to have very strict laws about privacy (as Jotta advertises themselves!) but apparently the "guard" is the one that is breaking the law now, by going through our stuff.I will report them to the Norwegian trade and standards for breaking the law and not sticking to their original offers as well.

    Throw the first stone who doesn't own a downloaded movie, music album or software. I bet that ALL of them at Jotta own MP3 files in their smartphones and computers.
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