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I’m excited

Jotta version 1.5 - Mac OS X and NAS

I am happy to announce the release of version 1.5 of Jotta Online Backup.

This release addresses general stability issues and brings many new features.

  • Support for Mac OS X

  • Support for backup of one NAS drive

  • Support for backing up files larger than 2 GB

  • Support for proxy servers

  • Support for automatic software update

  • Support for connecting a machine to an existing machine on your Jotta account

  • Improved and easy to use bandwidth control

  • Improved account and storage information

  • Improved status information during backup

  • Improved status of backup folders

  • Fixed a few memory leaks

  • Fixed a problem that would make the local Jotta database corrupt on some machines

You can download version 1.5 here:

You only need to install Jotta once on each of your computers. Anytime a new version of the software is released, you will be upgraded automatically.

I recommend all beta users to upgrade their computers with this latest release.

Existing users of version 1.0 should uninstall Jotta before installing version 1.5.

If you add exactly the same folders as you added in version 1.0, Jotta will not upload everything again, only compare the files with the server.