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Jottacloud does not backup Appdata/Local and Appdata/Roaming
As can be seen here. I have NOT set jottacloud to exclude these two folders. Why is this happening?
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  • Hi!
    The majority of our customers does not have the level of knowledge that some of you guys have, so we have set a specific rule to exclude folders and files, which isn't necessary for the majority of users.

    Here's the full list:

    File names starting with “~”
    File name extentions starting with “~” or “tmp”

    Mac OS X:

    File names starting with “~” extetions starting with “~”
    File names ending with “.tmp” and “-journal”

    It is possible to manually override these exclusions by marking the folder you've backed up and clicking "Exclude" at the bottom (in the desktop-client).
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