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Problem with MAC time capsule

We have a mac, and keep our data on a time capsule. When we boot the computer, the Jotta software does not find the folders we want to backup on the time capsule (message "not found"). It seems there is a problem with folder located not on the harddrive, but on the external drive. How to solve?

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  • Hi.

    I think this is occuring because the drive is not properly mounted when Jotta starts scanning after startup.

    After you have started the computer. When you open Finder, is the external drive visible on the left sidebar with a small eject button on the right? If it does not have the small eject symbol/button its probably not mounted yet.

    As a temporary solution you can make sure the drive is properly mounted by opening it in Finder and browsing into it and then pause/resume Jotta. This should allow Jotta to find it properly. Jotta will also find it properly on its own once the external drive is mounted. This does not happen immediately, but it is checked on a regular interval.

    We did however notice while we were testing this as a response to your post that Jotta does not update the folder status when it does find the folder after it has been "not found". It still says "not found". We'll get this sorted out in the next release.
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