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I’m frustrated that things are more complicated than they need to be.

Shared folders invitations problems --> sign in with different account option? giving background information?


we are currently trying out jottacloud in our working group at the University of Münster. We were forced to switch from "[they] who must not be named". because of European data protection laws. There are several things we like about jottacloud, however, there are also various minor or major things that make synchronisation as well cooperation in teams somewhat complicated.

1. Several times now I got invited with different email addresses or aliases. When trying to accept the invitation I can only chose "sign up for jottacloud". JC does not offer an option to "sign in with different email / existing account". Even when I am already logged in JC ignores that and asked for new registration.

2. Often when sharing folders you want / need to give people background information or instructions. For example, we use shared folders for teaching and for offering students materials or texts etc. However, the invitation dialogue used a character / word limit that does not allow for much more than "hey, here are the files". This leads to an extra working step, because we need to write an additional email explaining what the files are and what the people are supposed to do with it.

2 should be easily fixed. Perhaps it is even a default setting in your CMS. I wonder if there are any plans for 1 though. After all, most often one does not now with which email address people did register their account and so sharing files is more complicated than it needs to be ( and involves potential additional work, e.g., asking everyone for their account details, or reinviting people etc.)

Thanks in advance!

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