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Some ideas for new features/improvements

Hi, here is my list of ideas of features to add/change in Jotta.
I will update the list if new things come to my mind.

- add download/upload file/folders history list button.
(jotta shows a notification in windows that files were uploaded, but it would be good to see a list of files that were actually transferred)

- exclude specific folder(s) from showing in "photos".
(imagine 2 computers, one private and one for work. it would be desirable to not mix files from both computers to be shown in the timeline)

- rename "photos" on computer's Jotta software to "Photo Timeline Uploads" for better understanding.
(it would make more sense and would be more intuitive, as the "photo" folder on jotta software points directly to the "photo timeline uploads" folder on the web interface)

- add resize slide for thumbnail view on web interface.

- "Photo Timeline Uploads" folder's files should maintain the same structure (albums) when "free up space" is performed on mobile phone.
(ability to maintain on the server the album/folder structure as seen on phone. useful when restoring)

- possibility to move folders back from "archive" to "backed up files".
(it would allow the content sync with computer again)

- show upload/download file path during backup or restore
(many files have just random name like 12345.jpg but the user is not aware of where those files belonged)

- in jottacloud for android, under my devices-->phone-->camera uploads, the newest files are shown at the bottom, and scrolling to the bottom when many files are present takes a lot of time.
(it would be useful to have the ability to sort them in ascending or descending order, and possibly resize the thumbnails)

- in jottacloud for android, under restore, the user can only download the whole package of photos or other backup.
(useful to show a list of files and give the possibility to choose which files to restore. that would save time and bandwidth)
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