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Syncing shows "uptodate" but isn't after hanging JottaClient

Syncing shows "uptodate" but isn't after hanging JottaClient

Hey guys,

thanks for the great service.

I have a problem with the jottaCloud client, which is running on my homeserver.

I'm currently trying to backup my files which doesn't work very good.
The client now hangs the second time, which forced me to quit the task within the taskmanager (the client is running on a Windows Server 2012R2). The client always hangs, when i get a new IP from my ISP, which happens one a day. After restarting the client it shows that 100% are synchronized and that the backup is uptodate. In fact, this is quite impossible and the webclient shows me, that not everything is synchronized.

Is this problem somehow known? How can i force jotta to synchronize everything?

Thank you very much!
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