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Upload stopps App freezes - in relation to internet failure

I see other (much older) and similar topics with almost the same experience, but not any good answers...

Win10 PC. x64, using latest ver. of Jottacloud app.
A temporary failure on the internet connection, made an active Jottacloud-upload stop.
After the return of the internet connection, the Jottaclloud app stayed frozen, and no opportunities to 'reset' Jottacloud vere found.
After 1⁄2 hour of waiting for the situation to change, the PC was reset..

After the complete reset, the frozen situation was gone, the app restarted the upload.
This, unfortunately, was a start from schratch!! leaving the earlier more than 6 hours upload in vain.
I wonder if I somehow, cold have handled this in another way?

If anyone know please advise...thanks:)
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